1. Main awards, special awards and a Certificate of Participation are presented to all age groups.
  2. Ex-aequo-awards are possible.
  3. The penal reserve the right to withhold an award.
  4. The penal can honour a participant for outstanding performance with the Grand Prix award.
  5. After requesting permission, government and public organisations, artists and media institutions, businesses and private individuals, are welcome to donate awards to the competition.
  6. If the price is not awarded, the jury reserves the right to rename the price.
  7. The following awards are donated from the organizing committee and the sponsors ofthe 3rd International Giulio Perotti Singing Competition:


GRAND PRIX - 500,00 €

donated from Stiftung für Deutsch-Polnische Zusammenarbeit, Warschau

Group A


I.  Award 400,00 €

donated from AGRAR Service GmbH, Strasburg
II. Award 300,00 €

donated from GKU mbH, Eggesin
III.  Award 200,00 €

donated from RA Andreas Franz, Torgelow


I.  Award 400,00 €

donated from Ueckermünder Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH, Ueckermünde
II.  Award 300,00 €

donated from Sparkasse Ueckermünde
III.  Award 200,00 €  

donated from Familie Harald und Dr. Heidemarie Winter


I.  Award 400,00 €

donated from Ingenieurbüro D. Neuhaus & Partner GmbH, Anklam
II.  Award 300,00 €

donated from RAe Kopp Kirchhof Heusler
III.  Award 200,00 € 

donated from Firma Wolf System GmbH, Osterhofen

Group B


I.  Award 400,00 €

donated from Remondis Ueckermünde GmbH
II.  Award 300,00 €

donated from Ueckermünder Tief- und Straßenbau GmbH
III.  Award 200,00 €

donated from Ameos Klinikum Ueckermünde


I.  Award 400,00 €
donated from STEFFEN GmbH, Friedland
II.  Award 300,00 €

donated from Antax Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH, Ueckermünde
III.  Award 200,00 €

donated from Firma Robert Kriewitz, Ueckermünde

Special prices

Award from the Audience for outstanding talent and stage performance
Award from „Musikfreunde am Haff“ e.V. - 200,00 €
for the best Soprano
donated from RE/MAX TARGET Thomas Michaelis, Ueckermünde - 150,00 €
fot the best Mezzosoprano
donated from "Musikmuschel" Ueckermünde - 150,00 €
Giulio Perotti Award  for the best Tenor donated from the Town Ueckermünde - 150,00 €
for the best Bass
donated from Firma Bordihn, Ueckermünde - 150,00 €