Dear music lovers and participants of The 6th International Opera Singing Competition of Giulio Perotti. We are delighted to welcome you to Seebad Ueckermünde during the sixth edition of our competition. This competition was created in 2010 to celebrate the 750th anniversary of Ueckermünde obtaining city rights. It got the name of the famous German opera singer from Meclenburg-Western Pomerania of the nineteenth century, who celebrated his success on the biggest opera stages of the world and then he fell into oblivion. Giulio Perotti was born in 1841 in Ueckermünde under the name of Julius Prott. Julius Prott became one of the most famous opera singers and he performed on all leading German stages, as well as, in Budapest, Florence, Genoa, London, Constantinople, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Moscow, Rome, Turin, Vienna, Prague, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Boston, Chicago or New York and he was often called as a “irreplaceable heroic tenor”.  

To commemorate this artist from the 4th to 10th October 2019 the 6th International Opera Singing Competition of Giulio Perotti will take place. The organizers: Seebad Ueckermünde, Musikverein BEL CANTO Ueckermünde e.V., Academy of Art in Szczecin (Poland) and the collaborators Kreismusikschule Uecker-Randow. During the inaugural concert we will be able to listen to the choir of international fame from Poland. The Orchestra of Academy of Art in Szczecin will accompany the best singers in the final and during the concert of the laureates. The decisions on the results will be taken by an international jury, composed by outstanding opera singers, professors/teachers (jurors from Germany, the USA, Russia, Poland, Italy, Great Britain and Denmark). The pianists from Germany, Poland, Italy and Russia will accompanied all the participants.

We wish all participants to have a personal success and we hope that the public and the guests of our prestigious competition will have unforgettable experiences and interesting international meetings.