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International Giulio Perotti Singing Competition
Am Rathaus 3
17373 Ueckermünde

Prof. Dr. Dr. Sylwia Burnicka – Kalischewski
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Tel. 0049 39771 185500
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Kreismusikschule Vorpommern-Greifswald Region Uecker – Randow
Tel. 0049 39771 23151
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City Ueckermünde, am Rathaus 3, 17373 Ueckermünde


Prof. Dr. Dr. Sylwia Burnicka - Kalischewski


Kathleen Stage
Dr. Ance Bieber
Inez Joschko
Friederike Bieber
Franziska Hiller
Andine Roth

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Bibra Juncker - Knowles
Elisabetta Suszko - Ogno
Prof. Dr. Dr. Sylwia Burnicka - Kalischewski

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Jane Harris
Prof. Dr. Dr. Sylwia Burnicka - Kalischewski
Katarzyna Dziadosz

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Prof. Dr. Dr. Sylwia Burnicka – Kalischewski

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Prof. Dr. Dr. Sylwia Burnicka – Kalischewski, Agata Porczak

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Marina Belashuk

Julia Fechtner

Elisabetta Suszko - Ogno

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